What You Need For Your New Puppy

Puppy Photo

Getting a new puppy is a MEGA, SUPER exciting time, but it can also be a stressful time. That cute fluffy nugget comes at you with constant potty breaks (not always outside!), sharp baby teeth, and a slew of unpredictable things . To put yourself at ease, we’ve got the low-down on what to buy to tuck your pupper in at night, satiate their hunger, keep them busy with awesome toys, and teach to pee outside (not inside!).

All the Nom Noms You’ll Need

Obviously we are partial to delicious Grocery Pup food, but we understand that you may sometimes want to mix it in with some high-quality dry dog food. Below are our recommendations for dry dog food options. To learn more about picking out your dog’s food, check out our blog post: 8 Simple Steps to Read a Dog Food Label.


Fromm Gold Puppy Food
Fromm is one of the best dry dog foods out there on the market. We like this food because it’s made with high quality proteins, including duck, chicken and chicken meal, and has no corn or artificial flavors and colors. It’s also highly rated at 4.5 stars by Dog Food Advisor, which is a great resource for learning about dog food nutrition.

Buy Here$106.53 for 33 lb bag

Nulo Gold Medal Puppy Food


Nulo is another Austin-based dog food company that makes seriously legit dry dog food. Dog Food Advisor gives their puppy food 5 stars.

Buy Here, $64.99 for a 24 lb bag.

Everything to Hold Those Delicious Nom Noms

JarBowlsJar 2

Harmony Good Dog Ceramic Bowls and Jars
One of the best ways to set your puppy up for success is to keep treats handy and have regular feeding times. These ceramic bowls and jars made by Harmony are reasonably priced and good looking. You can place the treat jars anywhere around the home for easy access whenever you want to reward your pup.

Buy Here, Jars are $12.99 and Bowls are $11.99

Fluffin’ Awesome Toys

Squirrel Toy

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel
Dogs are OBSESSED with this toy. With over 8,000 reviews and a near perfect rating on Amazon, this toy is the best toy money can buy. The toy will keep your dog occupied and happy as a lark as it tries to figure out how to pull the squirrels out of the tree trunk.  My own dog has gone through about four of these and it’s easily her favorite toy.

Buy Here$9.99+

Bark Box


BarkBox is a subscription box that comes packed with toys and treats each month. For us humans, it’s always fun to open up the box to see what the monthly theme is. It could be anything like the “Poo York City” box shown above to the “Party Animal” bundle shown here. BarkBox uses witty humor in everything that they do so you’ll have a good laugh opening up the box to see what’s inside.

And for your pup, well your pup is going to ABSOLUTELY love you for getting it each month. Our dogs actually know when their BarkBox arrives. It’s like they smell the treats and know it must be it. They get so excited opening up the box with you that it makes it all worthwhile to pay the $25 a month.

Sign Up Here

Where to Train Spot to Sit

Since we’re based here in the awesome city of Austin, our recommendations for training are exclusive to the ATX area.

Zoom Room

Zoom Room
Zoom Room is a training center run by dog lovers. Located up near the Allandale area, it has agility, obedience training, and puppy classes for dogs as young as 2 months. They also have an indoor play area that’s great for those hot Austin days.

In the puppy classes, you learn how to address housebreaking, nipping, chewing, jumping problems, and obedience. You and your pup will also get an intro to socialization and group play time.

View Classes Here

Karma Dog Training


Karma has a variety of classes to choose from, including group and private one-on-one classes, traditional board and train, and reverse board and train (instead of sending your dog to them, they send you the trainer). They also provide boarding, daycare, and walking services.

View Classes Here

Don’t Go Chasing Squirrels, the Postman, or Anything Else


We’re not exaggerating when we say these collars and leashes are gonna make your dog look sleek as hell. German brand Prunkhund products are superbly well made and look beautiful on all pups.

Buy Here, Collars are $54.83 and Leashes are $61.06 – $79.75

Zippy Paws Leash Pic

Zippy Paws Climber Mountain Dog Leash
Sometimes puppies enjoy chewing on a good leash. The great people at Zippy Paws have figured out a way to solve for this with their Climber Mountain leashes. Made with high-tensile rope that mountaineers depend on, these leashes have a tested strength of 3,791 pounds! Say sayonara to your puppy chewing through it’s leash because this leash can handle just about any amount of wear and tear.

Buy Here$11.18

Zippy Paws Leash

Zippy Paws Dog Poop Bag Holder Leash Attachment
We like this poop bag attachment because it holds snug against the leash and doesn’t dangle and bounce around like the plastic ones. We also find it easier to replace the bag roll and pull out the bags.

Buy Here, $6.30

Earth Friendly Pet N Bags Dog Waste Bags


At 60 rolls that total out to 900 bags, you’ll be covered for a full year and more by ordering one of these babies. Priced at just $.03 a bag, they offer a banging value for your money too.

Buy Here, $24.99

Potty Training

Nature's Miracle

Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover
Potty training mishaps are a given no matter how brilliant your young pupper is. And, this stuff is absolute GOLD for all of those events. It’s guaranteed to eliminate stains and odors in carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, and wherever else you may need it.

Eliminating the odor plus the stain is key to what makes this product so valuable to any dog owner. If those smells aren’t removed, there’s a very good chance your dog will return to the same spot to do it all over again

Buy Here$6.29+

Snoozefest Time


AmazonBasics Folding Metal Crate
The goal with crate training is to create a space that your dog enjoys spending time in, that keeps both him and your house safe either during the day while you are at work or at night while asleep. Crate training can also be helpful for transporting your dog in the car or in the event of an emergency.

This crate from Amazon is reasonably priced and easy to assemble.

Buy Here, Prices vary based on size and type

Comfy Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Bed & Lounge
Now THIS is a legit couch for your dog to sleep on. The solid 4 inch memory foam and overstuffed bolster, which sits up around the bed to provide firm support, means your pup will sleep like a baby in this thing. The cover is also easy to remove for washing.

Buy Here, $119.95

Chew Proof Bed

Kuranda Dog Bed
This dog bed is perfect for all of the chewers out there. If your puppy digs chewing their bed, this durable raised bed features a poly-resin frame that no pup can gnaw through. The elevated design works well indoors or out, and the abrasion-resistant fabric wipes clean easily.

Buy Here, $65.95-$129.95

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