Why Does Your Dog Eat Your Socks?

The sock thief, an elusive and crafty pup who thinks it can fool its humans by stealing only half a pair. Whether it’s “helping” you with folding your laundry or pilfering through your dirty laundry, the canine sock snatching game is strong. If you’ve been puzzled by why your pup opts for dirty, sweaty socks over all of the toys you’ve bought him, read below.

You Dog Loves You
Your dirty socks smell like you, and chewing on them makes your dog feel a little bit closer to you. This is especially true for dogs who have separation anxiety. Chewing on your smelly sock is like wrapping himself up in a security blanket.

Dogs Steal Socks for Attention
When your dog starts to realize that stealing a pair of socks from your laundry pile is going to get you looking his way, he might get in the habit of doing it for fun. Dogs may also do it because they are bored. If your dog isn’t being mentally or physically stimulated, he’ll resort to inventing his own ways of entertaining himself. This often leads to unwanted behaviors such as chewing or stealing objects.

Dogs Might Find It Valuable
Dogs may view a good sock like a good bone and think it needs to be protected at all costs. If dogs determine a sock or a toy, a bone, or a stick is valuable and worth guarding, then they will guard it with all of their might. This means they may growl or keep their heads down when you approach them.

They Like Soft Things
Your dog may just eat the socks because they’re just soft and comfortable and your dog digs that. The soft, squishy texture may be irresistible to them especially if they like soft, plush chew toys.

While the occasional sock isn’t a big deal, it’s best to keep socks out of a dog’s reach, especially puppies. Eating clothes can cause vomiting and intestinal blockage. So make sure your dog has a reliable “leave it” or “drop it” command to help prevent these things from happening.


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