An Interview With Penny the Luck Dragon and Her Lucky Mom

IMG_1229Believe it or not, Penny the Luck Dragon — this cute little fluff ball — came from a pitbull rescue group. Penny’s mom, Emily, tells us there was a vet tech (also named Emily) who would go to kill shelters around the San Antonio area to find and save pitbull-type dogs before euthanasia to then help them find their forever homes. One day, she went to pick up a litter of pittie puppies who had tested positive for parvo, all in line to be euthanized that day. There, she met a 12-week-old Penny who was set to be euthanized along with the pittie puppies. An elderly lady had purchased her and wasn’t able to properly care for her and surrendered her to a shelter, claiming she was a violent puppy.

“I had been emailing [rescuer] Emily about other dogs she had for adoption when she sent me a photo of Penny,” Emily said. “I knew I would be adopting her the minute I saw her. We’ve been best friends ever since.”

That was seven years ago.

“Penny is nothing but sweet to people — friends and strangers alike,” Emily said.

We got to experience Penny’s sweet sassiness when we caught up with her and Emily recently over brunch.

IMG_1235Grocery Pup: Why is feeding Penny a high quality doggie diet important to you?

Emily: Just like it’s important to take care of my health, it is important to take care of hers. She deserves a long and happy life. That starts with being healthy and being healthy starts with the best food.

Grocery Pup: How did you hear about Grocery Pup?

Emily: On Instagram. A few of the Austin dogs Penny follows were posting about it. I was immediately intrigued and decided to check it out. (If you’re not following Penny on Instagram, you should be.)

Grocery Pup: When you shop Grocery Pup, you’re supporting a local Austin business. Was shopping local part of your decision?

Emily: Yes! Definitely. I love that it is local!

Grocery Pup: For Penny: What’s your favorite Grocery Pup flavor?

Penny: Bitchin’ Beef Stew. One because it’s delicious and two because it’s as bitchin’ as me.

IMG_1240Grocery Pup: For Penny: How do you feel about being named a Duchess for the Mardi Paws parade and fundraiser?

Penny: I’m thrilled! Do you know how long I’ve waited to be officially recognized for the royalty that I am?!

Grocery Pup: For Penny: With the Mardi Paws parade, you’re helping raise awareness and funds for local adoptable dogs. Why is that important to you?

Penny: I was adopted. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. Every dog deserves that. There are too many that live in shelters their entire lives never knowing the comforts and love of a family. I think people need to know about all the organizations in town that help find dogs a home. It’s also important to see just how many dogs are in need of homes. Hopefully to encourage more people to adopt and not shop. Tickets are still available by the way.

Grocery Pup: For Penny: What’s next on your very busy social calendar?

Penny: My humans set up a “Galentines” photo shoot and play date with some of my favorite gals. Other than that, you can usually find me brunching around town on Sundays.


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