The Surprising Risks of Raw Dog Food

Over the past four weeks, there have been SEVEN raw dog food brands recalled due to Salmonella and Listeria contamination. The recalls began in February after six pets died or became ill, including a kitten, and two children got sick, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  1. Raws for Paws – Ground Turkey, Feb 8th 
  2. Darwin’s Natural Selection – Duck and Chicken, Feb. 10
  3. TruDog – Treat Me Crunchy Beef Delight Freeze Dried Raw Treats, Feb 23 
  4. Northwest Naturals – Salmon and Beef, Feb 23
  5. Vital Essentials – Freeze Dried Beef Nibblets Entrée, Feb. 24
  6. Steve’s Real Food – Turkey Canine Recipe, March 2
  7. Tucker’s Pork-Bison, March 6

What’s to make of this string of recalls? The reality is it is very common for Salmonella and Listeria to be found in raw meat and eggs. In a two-year study conducted by the FDA, it found that 1 in 12 samples of raw pet food tested positive for Salmonella and 1 in 7 tested positive for Listeria.

Even after taking precautions such as washing your hands, counter tops and sinks after each feeding, you can still be exposed to getting sick. “It’s as simple as a person coming into contact with the dog’s mouth for a lick or kiss, picking up their feces, and bacteria can also be present on other body parts. For example, a dog licks himself quite a bit, those pathogens can be transmitted from the dog to the owner, ” says Dr. Jonathan Stockman, DVM DACVN, Colorado State University.

At Grocery Pup, we’re strong advocates of all-natural unprocessed diets for dogs, but we don’t believe it’s necessary to expose yourself to these types of risk to feed your dog such a diet. That’s why we advocate for a freshly cooked dog food diet. It provides your dog with all-natural, unprocessed meals but eliminates concerns over Salmonella and Listeria since the low-heat cooking process destroys any potential pathogens.

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