Dog Accessories We’re Eyeing This Spring


Can you smell it? Spring is in the air! And it’s time to make sure our pups are ready for it. Here are our top picks for accessories this season.

Wagwellies Dog Boots From WagWear

Typically it doesn’t rain too much in Austin, but with how rainy this past winter was you can never be too careful. These 100% rubber, slip-on puddle jumpers provide great paw-protection for those dainty pups who don’t like the rain and sometimes go on a poop strike because of it.

Luxury Food Bowls From Mr. Dog New York

mr. dog bowls

One of our favorite brands for dog accessories out there, Mr. Dog makes seriously sleek food bowls and hand-built wooden stands. They are ergonomically designed for your pup to get every last morsel of food and they look damn fine in your home.


Rose Gold Prunkhund Collars
These collars will make your pup the most stylish one at the park. Prunkhund makes incredibly good looking collars and they use high-quality materials so they last a long time.


Pet TeePees from Wild & Loyal
Because what dog doesn’t want to sleep in his or her own teepee?? These Wild & Loyal teepees are made from 100% cotton canvas and come with a soft and cozy cushion.




Got other dog accessories you’ve been eyeing? Tell us about them in our comment section!

Featured image via @mercedesderadagc



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