Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?

You’re sitting around the table and a potent odor fills the room. You look around at your family and you immediately realize, there’s no one to blame but your pup. The unmistakable smell leaves you asking “why does my dog fart so much?”

If you own a boxer, bulldog, or pug unfortunately, those adorable smushy faces come with side effects. Due to their short snouts, these breeds naturally take in more air when eating and drinking. And when air comes in it has to come out… If you know what we mean.

Luckily, there is a solution for dog owners— simply knowing what is in your pup’s bowl. The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals explains that, “low-quality foods with ingredients that can’t be fully digested can cause gas.” If the food is low-quality chances are the dog is having a hard time digesting his food leaving them with a stomachache and you with a stinky home.

As explained by Dr. Julie Stegemen, “simply upgrading the diet to a more bioavailable, higher quality diet will resolve the gas problem.” By choosing a fresh all-natural dog food, like Grocery Pup, which uses only wholefood ingredients, your dog will be more likely to properly digest its food. Many dog food companies heavily process their food and use corn, soy, wheat or other fillers that are low in nutritional value. By using high-quality, fresh dog food, like Grocery Pup, your dog will be less queasy and you will, too! Treat them how they’d treat you and upgrade their diet to fresh food today!

2 thoughts on “Why Does My Dog Fart So Much?

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