Guide to Keeping Your Dog Cool in the Texas Heat

Everyone knows Texas summers can be sweltering. Luckily, us humans have the capability to sweat to keep us from overheating easily.  Unfortunately, dogs aren’t as efficient at cooling down. This poses risks during hot weather, ranging from heat stress and heat exhaustion to heat stroke.

Finding other ways to keep them cool is very important when summer is in full swing. Here’s a list of Grocery Pup‘s best tips to keep your dog happy and safe in the heat.

  • Visit outdoor areas where dogs can get in the water
    • Here are some great places in Texas:
      • Barton Springs- Austin, Texasbarton springs
      • Marble Falls- Austin, Texas
      • White Rock Dog Park- Dallas, Texas258s(3)
      • Johnny Steele Dog Park- Houston, Texasjohnny steele
      • Danny Jackson Dog Park- Houston, Texas
      • Upper Horsepen Creek Park- Houston, Texas
      • Tom Slick Park- San Antonio, Texastom slick park
  • Buy a portable water bowl
    • When out for a walk or somewhere without readily accessible water for dogs, take a portable bowl and make sure your dog stays hydrated
    • Here is a great two-pack for only $5.89 on Amazon
  • Look for shade
    • Being out in the sun can make your dog both hot and fatigued. Make sure to find as much shade as possible when outside to avoid exhaustion.
  • Make sure your dogs paws don’t get burnt
    • Similar to how a human’s feet can get hurt on hot hot surfaces (think concrete and sand), dogs paws are sensitive as well.
    • You can purchase dog boots and socks or these disposable paw pads.
    • Make sure to watch out if your dog’s paws become injured and treat them accordingly.
  • Try a frozen treat
    • You love giving your dog treats so why not try a frozen one? Check out Pupsicool, another Austin based brand, providing bone broth popsicles with no artificial flavors or preservatives.pupsicool.png
  • Look into a pet cooling collar/vest
    • The key area to keep your dog cool is their chest and neck, which makes these collars/vests work so well to keep your dog cool. These collars trap excess heat from your dog’s body and distribute coolness evenly throughout their bodies.
    • This vest has over 30 5 star reviews on Amazon

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