Can’t Miss Places to Wine and Dine With Your Dog in Texas

 15 Dog Friendly Restaurants in Texas:

  1. Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden (Austin)- located on the famous Rainey street in Austin, Bangers serves a huge array or beers (for you, not your dog) and brats. Their outdoor patio has plenty of space for you and your pup. Maybe they’ll even get a bite of your food if they’re really lucky.dogs at bangers.png
  2. Bouldin Creek Cafe (Austin)- This vegan/vegetarian restaurant is loved by vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Grab your dog and head out on the patio for a delicious brunch with your pup in tow.
  3. Sour Duck (Austin)- Newer to the Austin scene, Sour Duck is the new sister restaurant to Odd Duck. It offers pastries, food, and drinks and has a large area for outdoor seating.
  4. Moonshine Grill (Austin)-With traditional American food and drinks, you can’t go wrong with anything you get at Moonshine. Your dog will be begging you for a taste of your food while you’re seated in a covered patio.Patio_9808-1000x575
  5. Katy Trail Ice House (Dallas)- Whether you’re meeting with your friends for a drink after work or stopping by post run/walk on the Katy Trail. This is the place to be and bring your dog.KatyTrailIceHouse
  6. Rise No. 1 (Dallas)- If you and your dog are feeling a little more upscale, check out Rise No. 1, known for their savory and dessert soufflés. They have a very accommodating dog friendly patio.
  7. Cane Rosso (White Rock) (Dallas)- A Dallas favorite specializing in traditional Neapolitan style Italian pizza. Their outdoor area is perfect to bring your pooch. The owner himself is largely passionate about rescue dogs. cane-rosso-2.jpg
  8. Bolsa (Dallas)- This farm to table spot is well known around Dallas. Treat yourself to a nice meal and bring your dog too.
  9. Tiny Boxwood’s (Houston)-The original location is the perfect place to wine and dine with your pup by your side. The outdoor area has a yard perfect for playing.
  10. Barnaby’s (multiple locations) (Houston)- The name has a paw print in it so you know this place is legit. The decor of all the locations is also very dog centered.  Can’t go wrong with Barnaby’s.Screen_Shot_2015-05-18_at_1.52.49_PM.0.0
  11. The Dunlavy (Houston)-If you and your dog are feeling a weekend brunch, this place offers fresh food and has a good ~aesthetic~.
  12. Cottonwood (Houston)- The restaurant has a large patio perfect for families, including dog families.
  13. The Cove (San Antonio)- The Cove is described as “a Restaurant, beer garden, live music venue, car wash, and laundromat all in one” and it’s all dog friendly!!! what more could you want? thecove
  14. The Hoppy Monk (San Antonio/El Paso)- The Hoppy Monk website describes it as “a village gathering place where any and all discuss every day life”. I believe “any and all” refers to dogs, so we’re there.
  15. The Friendly Spot (San Antonio)- this Ice House is the perfect place to grab a drink and some grub, hang out with your friends, and hang out with your dog.


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