Hot doggies seek cool homes

Jackie2Name: Jackie
Age: 3 years
Weight: 45 lbs.
Rescue organization: Forgotten Friends Mixed Breed Rescue

Need a partner for your adventures? Me too! My name is Jackie and I am a smart and sweet young Border Collie mix. I am house and crate trained, walk well on a leash and love to run and play. I know basic commands and love to learn new tricks! I am looking for a home with a yard and a friend that enjoys the outdoors but also likes to cuddle on the couch. I’m a super loving and a loyal companion that will follow you around everywhere. Although I play well with other dogs at the dog park, I prefer to have a family all to myself.  If you’re looking for a great dog please email my foster at for more information. Applications being accepted at


Name: Chuy
Age: 3-4 years
Weight: 60-70 lbs.
Rescue organization: Austin Animal Center

Hey everyone, Chuy here. First time caller, long time listener. I loves my people and would love nothing more than to be loved by a family of my own. I currently live at the Austin Animal Center, but shelter life is hard on me.  I am good with children, enjoy long walks, and love to explore and sniff. I like rope toys but only if I has a person to play with! I am house trained and will do just about anything for a tasty treat: I will sit, down, shake, roll over, and wait at doors. My friends at AAC say I am the whole package and they will answer all your questions about me. Will you please come meet me? For more info, email my friends at

marcel-headshotName: Marcel
Age: 10 years
Rescue organization: Austin Pug Rescue

Hello, world! My name is Marcel and I’m looking to start a new life. I’m a very sweet 10-year-old gentleman just looking for the right lap on which to rest my head for the remainder of my golden years. I have some spinal issues, so my back legs don’t work very well these days. But I scoot around just fine in my foster home, and for outside I have a wheelchair! It was gifted to me from a very kind family in honor of their beloved pug who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. I already have these wheels all figured out and have hit the ground running. As you can tell, I am cute as can be and ready to find a new family to love. Can you give me some TLC? I’ll be a loyal companion and forever grateful.


Name: Faith
Age: 7 years
Weight: 5 lbs.
Rescue organization: Ay Chihuahua Rescue

Hi everybody, my name is Faith and I am a sweet little doggie who has had a less-than-charmed life. You see, I was used by a backyard breeder who forced me to have many litters of puppies, which caused my pelvis to brake time after time with every single litter. The last one was tragically lost upon arrival at the shelter, where I was dumped while in labor. I didn’t receive proper medical care so I also was infected with heartworms! But after being rescued and sent to a foster home, I was treated and nursed back to health. Foster mommy says my name reflects that I never gave up on humans. I am a sweet and friendly girl, and a quiet little companion who likes to snuggle. I am house and crate-trained, and although I’ve had a hard life, my happy tail wags because I know that a brighter future awaits just around the corner!

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