A Quick Guide to Collagen for Dogs


Collagen is an important ingredient in your pup’s dish, read on to find out why dogs need collagen too.

Collagen is your body’s glue!

No, we don’t mean the kind of glue your elementary school teachers told you not to eat, but the name does come from the Greek word for glue, “kólla” (1). Collagen comes from the word “kólla” because it’s a substance that literally holds you and your pup’s body together!

Collagen, made up of amino acids, is the most abundant protein in the body. It’s what makes up your pet’s skin and connective tissues including its joints, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. (2).

What does it do?

Collagen’s super-heroic structure is what allows joints to withstand shock by forming the body’s cartilage, which makes up the unique padding between bones so your pup can bounce back after catching that pop-fly frisbee (3). While cartilage absorbs the impact from daily activities, it also prevents bones from grinding into one another, and protects both bone surface and joint function (4). Additionally, collagen boosts the body’s ability to hydrate and retain moisture, which can improve skin and fur health (5).

Why Add Collagen to Your Pup’s Diet?

As dogs age (and we all know they age much faster than humans) their collagen production declines and they encounter some of the same problems that their owners often do such as joint pain.

In particular, when collagen production declines, it is no longer replaced as efficiently in the cartilage, and joints lose their special cartilage padding which can result in inflammation, and lead to painful conditions like arthritis (6). Collagen for dogs can be an excellent way to treat these aging aches and pains.

Getting Collagen Into Your Pup’s Diet

Studies have shown that this break down of cartilage, and the slowing of the production of collagen in the aging body, can be managed with an increase of collagen in the diet (6)(7).

While, plants are a great source of vitamins and minerals that can help stimulate your body to produce its own collagen, there is no known plant food that offers type II collagen, the form that offers all of the health benefits listed above.

Research has shown that it’s animal-based proteins contain the ideal spread of the essential amino acids that the body requires (8). Plus, unlike us omnivores, our pup-companions are carnivores, meaning that while they can enjoy tasty treats like sweet potatoes and peanut butter, their bodies run best when fueled by a diet that meets their carnivore needs.

What Makes Grocery Pup A Great Source of Collagen for Dogs?

This is why, at Grocery Pup, we design our recipes to have a high meat content, so that your special pup can pull all the essential amino acids from those yummy, human-grade meats as is demanded by their biology (10).

At Grocery Pup, we believe that your pup’s body, just like yours, demands a healthy provision of collagen to help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, but we don’t need to supplement our recipes with extra collagen! Because we offer an ideal level of tasty meat-based proteins—which when prepared sous-vide (11), form gelatin—making the collagen in each GP recipe easily digestible for your pup. This allows them to gain the maximum amount of collagen from the meat itself, without added supplements, so you know exactly where dietary collagen for your dog is coming from, and your dog’s body can make the most out of that natural super glue!

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