Bugs Biting In The Dog Days Of Summer? Find Safe Bug Remedies Here!

Those pesky mosquitoes been bothering you? They can bug pups, too! While summer is a delight for pups and people, bugs love it too–don’t let bites or stings get in the way of having a blast this summer! Mosquitoes aren’t the only ones out for a bite, fleas, ticks, and no-see-ums of all descriptions are out and about, enjoying the nice weather, so here are some hot tips to help keep y’all itch-free in the dog days of summer.

Make Sure Your Pup Is On A Flea Preventative.

These come in all shapes and sizes!  There are internal ones (a little pill), topical liquids, and types of collars. Many of these different options work to keep away several types of pests, including fleas and ticks, some topical ones even help keep mosquitoes at bay! Some of these are available by prescription only.

Talk to Your Vet About All Options

You’ve got lots of options. And with choices ranging from internal, topical, to physical (flea collars), it’s best to team up with a trusted vet to discuss which option fits your pup is best.

Some Things to Consider When Discussing Pest Preventatives With Your Vet:

  • Does your dog have sensitive skin?
  • Is your dog allergic to anything? (Topical or food?)
  • If Using a topical–how often does your dog swim and how often do you bathe your pup?
  • What kind of coat does your pup have?

Use Pet/Family Safe Products to Protect Your Space

Fleas in your yard? No fun at all. Try these awesome, super groovy  granules from EcoSmart. They are super easy to use, cover a large area, smell kind of fabulous, and work like a charm. Bonus–they repel ants and ticks!


Under A Bug Attack? Grab Wondercide’s “Mosquito Mayhem Survival Pack” for some outdoor peace of mind. Like Us, Wondercide is an Austin-based brand, also like us, they’re only interested in providing the best, safest products for pups, so all of their products are pet, people, and environment safe! They’ve got topical repellents for you, your pup, and your home, plus some awesome pup shampoos that aid in repelling bugs, while helping to keep your pup’s skin and coat happy! Bonus– Wondercide also has a tonic that will help with existing itchies from bugbites!

Another Texas favourite, Skeeter Screen! This company provides a line of physical deterrents that range from deet-free spray repellents, to pest-repelling essential oil diffusers and candles. Always be sure, when using any product like a candle, incense-stick, or diffuser, that they are out of reach of pets and children.

Last, but not least, and for the ultra fashionable pups, The Baltic Amber Collar. This pest preventative is a groovy way to actively repel fleas and ticks. It works by creating a small static atmosphere destroys a pest’s ability to cling to your pup!

Always remember, if you have any questions about preventative and/or reactive treatments for pests, consult a trusted vet who knows your pup’s unique needs. 

Give your pup a hug for us, and treat them to some yummo Grocery Pup!

Happy Outdoors-ing, y’all!

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