A Toast to a Wonderful Summer!

Howdy, Fellow Austinites!

As we come to the end of August, and the close of Summer Vacation, we wanted to raise a glass and wag a tail to happy summer memories made. We know it’s hot out there, and we wanted to share some cool, secret hideaways to enjoy a brew (coffee, tea, beer, etc) with your best pup-pals. We polled our pups for their fave (cool) hangouts–check it out!

Cosmic Coffee

Cosmic is one heck of a groovy spot. Totally pup-friendly, Cosmic comes equipped with coffee, tea, beer, and brunch drinks. They host an assortment of food trucks, AND the whole shindig is fully eco-friendly–it’s like a dog-friendly little biosphere that serves craft drinks and coffee!

The South Congress Hotel **

We LOVE The SoCo! This sweet hangout has everything! They’re super doggo-friendly, and their lobby boasts–among many things–air conditioning, cold floors for pups who like to cool their bellies, the cutest Lobby Shop, and a great bar! The courtyard is a lovely place to relax with your pup! Grab an iced coffee or tea at Mañana Coffee, and peruse the stunning clothing selections at Sunroom (also pup friendly, btw!), P.S. Zip over to our Yappy Hour Brunch on the first Sunday of the month through October!

**Lola and McCree highly recommend The SoCo as a super sweet place to chill!

Juan Pelota At Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop

Juan Pelota is the in-house cafe at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop, which means that as long as pups stay on the “store side” of the building (where there is still cafe seating), they can be inside, enjoying the a/c while you enjoy a latte, cold brew, iced tea, smoothie, wine, beer–whatever!

Work + Woof

A fabu co-working space in South Austin, Work + Woof hosts a Yappy Hour every Wednesday (now through December) offers a wealth of really cool services like daycare and an indoor dog park for members–check them out here!

For our pup-friends who live outside of Austin, hop onto BarkHappy, to find pup-friendly places near you!

Summer ‘Mocktail’

Here’s a recipe for a super tasty and healthy ‘Mocktail’ with Bone Broth, Goat’s Milk and Grocery Pup!

  • Bone Broth (the kind for dogs! No onion/garlic/salt)
  • Raw Goat’s Milk
  • Freeze-Dried Raw Treats (your pup’s choice)
  • Grocery Pup!!
  • You’ll need silicone ice cube moulds to freeze fun shapes!

Alternate filling the ice cube moulds with your pup’s fave recipe of Grocery Pup and goat’s milk. Pop a piece of the freeze-dried raw snacks into each goat’s milk cube. Freeze. Using the guidelines of the bone broth for amount per bodyweight, pour a cold one of some bone broth for your furry friend, then float some Grocery Pup and goat’s milk ice cubes into it for a bone broth on the rocks!


Section the Grocery pup into ice cube moulds and freeze. Mix together the serving size for your dog’s weight of both the bone broth and goat’s milk. Pop them into a freezer-safe container and freeze until the mixture reaches a ‘slushy’ consistency. Float in a GP ice cube, and garnish with some crumbled Freeze-dried treats on top. Voila!

Please remember to play it safe in the heat, and keep an eye for heat-exhaustion in your pups (read our post about it here). Also remember that while you can enjoy having a brew, caffeine and alcohol are NOT safe for dogs to consume.

We hope you and your pups have a blast as you enjoy the end of Summer Vacay!

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