Grocery Pup’s ULTIMATE Gift Guide!

Howdy, Pup-Fans! The Howlidays are a comin’, and we can’t help but feel that festive tingle–twinkley-lights are up, fireplaces are making homes cozy, cats are destroying decorations…

That Howliday Spirit has possessed us! Heck Yay!! So to help celebrate, to suit all of your gift-giving needs, we put our best team together to curate the coolest gifts for both pups and their people! Huzzah!

1. Thoughts of Dog Calendar
2. “Follow Me” Bandana
3. Custom Frisbee Squeaky Toy
4. “Avo-Cuddle” Blankie by PrideBites
5. ‘Tell Your Dog’ Jumper
6. Friendship Collar
7. Wagwear Booties
8. ‘Tell Your Dog’ Hat
1. Boots & Arrow Handmade Collars
2. Fox & Brie Handmade Bow-Ties
3. Hairmès Squeaky Toy
4. Custom Pet Portrait By NataliArt on Etsy
5. James Perse Dog Bed
6. Monsieur Lenny—Parisian White and Grey Striped Tee for Dogs
1. Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness
2. Elkhorn Handwoven Bandana by Northwest Dog
3. Rescue Remedy
4 . ‘The Stick’ by RuffDawg
5. The Bandana Bowl
6. RexSpecs
7. Kurgo First Aid Kit
1. Personalized Pet Saint Candle
2. RC Pet Products ‘Pawks’
3. NorthWestDog Natural Candles
4. THE ORIGINAL There’s, Like, a Bunch of Dogs in Here™ Doormat
5. Hogwarts House Collar Charms By AshleyHayDesign On Etsy
6. Adjustable Portable Dog Ramp
7. Botanivet ‘Kerisnout’
8. Flint Retractable Roller

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