This lovely holiday, celebrate how smashingly lucky you are to have pups in your life!

❤️Honestly, the best date you’ll ever have is squeaking a toy at you right now.❤️

We love our pups like 1000% more than the rest of humanity, so why not celebrate this day of love with your canine main squeeze, and take their furry little butt on the best date ever! You both deserve it!

❤️Ideas For Your Best Dog Date Ever❤️

You may want to plan a few things in advance. For example, your pup may want to get all dressed for your date, and heck, would they look cute in a Valentine’s themed tie! Hop over to your local thrift store, and see what they have in the range of pink or red ties. 

Boy or girl, (your pup cares not for human gender stereotypes! Fight the patriarchy! Woof!) your pup will look so dashing and date-night ready!

If your pup likes chicken, boiled chicken makes a super snack and great treat that you can feel great about giving.

Grab some raw, natural chicken breast from the grocery store, and chop it up into cubes about 2 square inches. Pop them in a pot of boiling water, and check the internal temperature by pulling a piece out of the water first, then using a meat thermometer, watch for a temp of 165º-175ºF. Let the meat cool before feeding it to your pup! 


  • Save that yummy chicken-water. Use it as a mix-in to your pup’s meals for extra hydration and tastiness!
  • Pop some boiled chicken on top of your pup’s morning meal, but in the shape of a big ol’ heart. Please provide extra kisses for dessert!❤️❤️

Schedule time to do something special.

  • Plan a picnic at your pup’s fave park
  • Take your pup shopping for a special new toy
  • Go for a hike
  • Find a local dog yoga session
  • Double date with their bestie
  • Have your morning coffee or tea in bed with your pup
  • Have movie night together
    • Film Suggestions (all with happy endings!)
      • Lady and The Tramp (animated or live action!)
      • Best In Show
      • Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
      • Oliver and Company
      • The Secret Life of Pets
      • Benji
      • 101 Dalmatians (animated or live action!)
      • Air Bud
      • Beethoven

We know you’ve probably got work today, but after work, your perfect, special lil’ slobberer will be waiting with baited breath for your arrival home. So whatever you do, even if it’s just for a short while, sit somewhere with your furry other half, and take time to reflect on how lucky you both are!

❤️ Wishing you lots of wet nose kisses and slobbery licks to your face. ❤️

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