How Stay Sane At Home With Your Pet

In this strange time of quarantines and social distancing, maximizing good health at home isn’t just about what we eat or how often we exercise. Our pups play a big role! The laughter and joy our dogs provide us are a fantastic source of stress relief to get us through these challenging times.

“In many cases in busy lives, we’ve given pets the time we can spare and the love we can share…They, in return, have given us their absolute all. So maybe now is the time to return a portion of the debt we owe them” (Today)

To treat our most enthusiastic ‘quaran-team’ members, we’ve put our heads together and scoured the internet to find the best, quarantine activities for and your pup! These fun activities and games are sure to help you get through these times with a smile of everyone’s face.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Instead of using a bowl at mealtime, make a scavenger hunt! Hunting out their food engages your pup’s hunting instincts. Use your Grocery Pup (you can mix it up with some bone broth or goats milk) and freeze it into cubes that you can hide in the yard. If you don’t have a backyard, you can do this by hiding these yummy treats around the home.

Work Together from Home

Pups are our the best co-workers! If your human co-workers have pets, and are okay with it, host a ‘bring your pet to your virtual meeting day.’ The office is way more fun when we include our furry loved ones. Pull another chair next to your desk so your pup can sit right beside you and supervise your meeting. Heck, if they like clothes, why not put that pup in a dapper little tie? This makes for hilariously cute #WorkFromHome photos.

Up-cycle and Accessorize

Remember that bag of old clothes you wanted to go through? Whip it out and get crafty! Old Jeans make for awesome material out of which tug-of-war toys can be made, and old t-shirts can be fashioned into cute dog clothes!

Toys From Old Jeans!
Matching Scrunchy and Bandana Set

Learn how to make a super easy scrunchie from these fellas! Don’t have fabric? Use some old clothes you don’t wear anymore! Use matching fabric to make a bandana for your dog with this tutorial!

Practice Dog Yoga Together

To decompress, take some time between Zoom meetings to practice a little down dog with your pup. Breathe deeply, be positive and kind with yourself. Let any stress slip away with your exhales as you prioritize being in the moment with your furry friend. Here’s a great video to follow.

Go For A (Socially Distant and Responsible) Walk

Walking is a great way to relieve some cabin fever, and movement in general can help calm stress. Please remember that if you and your furry pal do go out for a spin, go during non-peak walking hours so the route won’t be busy. Always give the right of way to passersby–the person who’s right hand is on the street-side of the sidewalk should go around when it is safe to do so, proceed to pass at a safe distance. Friendly pups can say “hi” to one another, but people really shouldn’t. Let your dogs be your ambassadors, while you socialize distantly.

Play Monkey In The Middle

If your “quaran-team” is more than just you and your pup, and you have space enough (inside or out), modify a game of fetch into something a little more silly! Get your pup’s attention with one of their toys, and have all human players stand far enough apart from one another to toss the toy. Each time a person catches your dog’s toy, they have to do their darndest to keep it away from your pup for a big game of keep-away. Your pup should get some good exercise in by zipping from person to person. Let your pup get the toy every so often, and have fun!

Have a Squeaky Dance Party

Does your pup love it when you turn up the party tunes and dance around the house like Tom Cruise in Risky Business? 

…Just us?

But seriously, it’s a great way you and your pup to get exercise, and get those happy chemicals flowing in the brain! We like to pop on our fave dance jams (including quite a bit of Lizzo to make us feel fabulous!) To shake things up, grab some of your pup’s fave toys (we like squeaky tennis balls) and use them like castanets or maracas by squeaking and shaking them while you dance! You’re pup should join in the fun, and when they do, throw them their toys! Repeat this process until you are both to tired to be out clubbing.

Create Boredom Busting Brain Games!

Know what makes an excellent material for DIY puzzle toys? Empty Toilet Paper Rolls–and WE KNOW that you have those at home right now. Put the empty rolls in a bowl, then hide treats in the rolls for your dog to pull out. You can also do this in Snuffle Bins where you hide treats in the bins.

Paint a Portrait of Your Pup

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Challenge your artistic side by drawing/painting/using whatever supplies you have and create a portrait of your pup! It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact, the quirkier the better! Maybe pour yourself a glass of wine and have a “wine and paint” night just for you!

Of course, there’s always cuddling with your pup on the couch to Netflix and Chill.

Whatever way you decide to enjoy your pup’s company will benefit you both. While these times are incredibly stressful, they can also offer a reminder to slow down and enjoy our fluffy friends in ways they deserve.

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