How to Prepare a COVID-19 Emergency Kit for Your Pup

You can never be too prepared, and even though you’re staying clear of other people and remaining mostly in quarantine, this virus IS extremely infectious among humans. So what if you, or someone in your household contracts the virus? Who will care for your pet if you are unwell? It’s always a solid move to plan ahead…

How to Plan Ahead In Case of a COVID-19 Emergency

Unknowns and emergencies are stressful. The best way to alleviate that stress is to prepare supplies, phone numbers, and to have a game plan. Putting together your emergency kit can be a stress-relieving and fun activity for your family–this way, everyone is on the same page, and knows what to do in an emergency.

Follow these helpful tips to prepare for a potential COVID-19 infection (or any emergency) in your household.

Your emergency plan for each of your pets should be clearly written out, and start with this basic information:

  • your name and contact information
  • pet’s name, age, weight, whether they are up to date on vaccines
  • medical conditions and treatment instructions.
Build An Emergency Contact List

Create a list of trusted potential pet-sitters (friends, family.) Include their names and contact information. Pick at least two of these people as your primary choices, and be sure that they are okay with it and clear on your emergency plans. These people will be your first line of contact in an emergency.

If these people are not your family, provide them with contacts for your family members or friends who can provide them with updates about your medical status.

Have Enough Food for Two Weeks

Next, figure out how much food your furry family member would need for two weeks, and have it ready. Include food information (in case more is needed) and feeding instructions.

If you feed a food, like Grocery Pup, that must be kept cold, place a note with your other emergency supplies that details the food location in the fridge or freezer. Be sure to label it clearly.

Also provide a bag of your pup’s fave treats!

Have Clear Medical Records and Information

Provide your veterinarian’s contact information, and the information of your preferred emergency vet (always great info to have, just in case!) If you can keep extras of your pet’s medications, keep them with your emergency kit. For any other medications, leave instructions in your emergency kit of where to find them.

Include all medication instructions, and provide any information on:

  • medical conditions
  • sensitivities
  • and/or allergies.
Additional Information

List anything else your pup likes to help keep them happy and calm, either keep them with the kit, or detail for your sitter where to find them.

Other Good Things To Include
  • bed
  • fave toys
  • extra collar and leash
  • consider providing a kennel.

Staying On Top Of The Situation

In addition to having your preparedness kit, it’s vital that you have a good grasp on the situation by doing your research and having accurate information about a potential emergency situation. If you have any questions surrounding the COVID-19 virus;

Here’s one of our fave veterinarians, Dr. Evan Antin, on the virus. He breaks down some complicated science into easily digestible information, which is really handy for keeping you and your pets healthy and ahead of the preparedness game

Now Who Wants A Treat?!

Now that you’re all prepared in case of emergency, let’s get to the fun stuff! Our faves so far of doggos just doing their ‘thang’ to help #flattenthecurve .

Soda Pup, The Boxer, delivers wine with a smile to customers who wait curbside for their order.

These sled dogs in Maine, are following in Togo’s and Balto’s pawprints, and delivering medicine and groceries!

Sunny, The golden retriever, helps out his elderly neighbor by delivering her mail and groceries.

Meanwhile, some Police Resource Dogs held a very important Zoom meeting in Massachusetts.

Last, but certainly not least, some of our pals in our hometown, Austin, collaborated to create a paw-sitive message. Enjoy, and stay safe, y’all!

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