Treating Yourself And Your Pup To The Best Mother’s Day

A Happy Mother’s Day to all dog moms!

Whip out the champagne and bone-broth mocktails, because we’ve got some super sweet ideas to help you celebrate with your beloved pup!

Breakfast in Bed

Honestly, we don’t see any reason why not. Make yourself something special– fancy coffee/tea and fresh banana-blueberry pancakes? Absolutely! Pop some blueberries and a banana slice or two on top of your pup’s bowl and go get BACK IN BED with your tasty creations. Snuggle big-time after.

Stretchy Time!

Take a tip from your pup, and commit to some good stretching! Stretching is a great way to help keep your mind and body happy, and if your pup joins in, don’t forget to say “Ooooh BIG STRETCH!” every time they stretch, that’s the rule.

Spaw Day

If you and your pup like to be pampered, then why not treat yourselves to a little ‘spaw’ day. If your pup is into getting a massage, or being brushed, take a little quiet time and find a comfy spot to give your pup a nice big fluff-out brush! Once your pup is all floofy and relaxed, take a moment to treat yourself to a relaxing bath–you deserve it!

Go On a Socially Distant Walk

Follow your dog on a walk. Thanks to this super strange social-distancing situation, many of us have plenty of weird, linear time on our paws, so why not let your pup take you out on a wander? Let them take you on a meander-about that follows their nose! Take time to smell the roses! Listen to the birds! Chase a few squirrels together!

Sunshine Nap Time

After your big adventure (or anytime, really) schedule in an afternoon snuggle in a sunny spot at home. Snuggle up with your pup, a good book, and a nice cup of tea. Scratch your pup’s ears, belly, and/or butt, until you both fall asleep! Wake up refreshed and cozy!

Now that you’re well rested and have soaked up some vitamin D from your sunshine nap, share a little treat! Heck–why not both have a little spoon of peanut butter or something fun, right? Just make sure there’s no added sugar or hydrogenated oils.

Play-Battle Time!

If your pup loves to play tug, wrestle, chase, fetch–whatever– now that you’re both fueled up and ready to party, grab a favorite toy and dedicate a chunk of time to just really getting down an and playing with your dog. Take a lesson from your dog, and be fully immersed, mindful and in present in the game! Unplug from current worries, news, social media, etc. and live in the moment of joy with your best friend!

Unleash Your Inner Artist!

Paint, draw, doodle, and/or scribble a family portrait of you and your pup! Let your inner creative run wild. No mater your artistic talent, or the medium you choose, guess what–your dog will still think that it is the best thing ever, because YOU did it to celebrate your bond! Now pull a proud parent move, and pop that masterpiece RIGHT on the fridge with an embarrassing magnet that you got from who even knows where. GORGEOUS.

Bone Broth Mock-Tail

Honestly, it’s probably time for a celebratory beverage around now, right? Make yourself something wonderful–don’t go too crazy, you’re a responsible parent, remember!

For your pup, pop some pup-safe bone broth (made for dogs, so no onions or garlic) into a shaker with some frozen chunks of Grocery Pup and do a little drink-shaking dance with your pup, then pour into a fancy bowl (a durable one, with no chips or cracks). Dust some of your pup’s fave freeze-dried snack on top, and serve! YUM!

Enjoy a Healthy Dinner of Your Fave Things!

Your pup gets to have their fave food tonight (Grocery Pup!), so why not whip up something for yourself with all of your favorite ingredients? Plan ahead, and know your cooking comfort-level–work within it for a low-stress, low-pressure fun time.

Alternatively, treat yourself to your fave restaurant and get takeout! Social distancing and quarantine have been really hard on plenty of restaurants, but you know what? You can be a major help in keeping your fave restaurants busy and successful by ordering pick-up or take-out.

Random fun facts (because we can always use a bit of good news), Canada has initiated a social movement to help support restaurants (and in turn, food-service industry employees and farmers). The campaign, known as @CanadaTakeOut, encourages people to support their local businesses by taking a break from cooking, and treating themselves to dinner one day a week. Normally, we’re all for cooking at home–but when it comes to supporting small businesses like unique, family-owned restaurants, it hits us in the feels in a rather biggish way!

Realize Just How Lucky You Really Are

Whether your a Dog-Mom, Dog-Dad, Pup-Uncle or Pup-Aunt, or Doggo-Grandparent, you are a hugely important part of the unconditional love that a dog brings to the world, and it’s an honor to celebrate that bond! So whatever you end up deciding to do for Dog-Mother’s Day, we think you’re number one (and so does your pup!) You are such a special person to share your love and life with your dog, and we raise our glasses to you, Pup-Parent! So give yourself a pat on the back, and give your pup an ear scratch and a belly rub, and know that you are one in a million. Happy Mother’s Day and Dog-Mother’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Treating Yourself And Your Pup To The Best Mother’s Day

  1. Awwwww, I love the idea of the puptail! I have some turkey pawella in the fridge, and made some bone broth too, so everyone gets a treat today. Thanks for the great idea!

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